Warrior’s Bride (PT 3)

Chapter Three

With this he relaxed his hold on her, turning her to face him. With quick, deft movements he released the knots of her robe, the robe falling to the ground as her eyes stared in horror back at him, she now stood completely naked before him, feeling the heat fill her cheeks.
Again his look moved over her, his eyes filling with heat as he took in her perfect figure. Her pert breasts were large for her small frame. The nipples hardened, making him swallow the groan of want. Her flat stomach and curved back only added to the way his body reacted to her. Her bottom flared out with long shapely legs completing this perfect woman. Cadell smiled.
Tialla felt totally humiliated. Trying to turn from him his fingers dug into her shoulders keeping her still to allow him to take his time to let his look take in every perfect inch of her. “I heard that you were beautiful, and you do not disappoint”, his words gentle as she looked heavenward wishing that her torment would end.
Never before had she been treated like this, her insides shrivelling up. “You are a barbarian”, she bit out as he chuckled softly.
“If I was a barbarian Tialla, then you would already be my woman… I would have taken you on your very own throne.”
Closing her eyes she fought hard not to give herself over to the way her body tried to tremble, repeating over and over in her head that she was a princess. “What do you want?”
Cadell released her, moving to the table which had been placed behind the throne. She frowned as he handed silks to her, the kind of silks worn by harem girls, her mouth tightening. “Wear these”, he demanded.
Meeting his look, she shook her head, “I am not a harem girl”, his eyes full of mockery.
“It is those or nothing… Your choice… I have no problem with you remaining as you are… but in a few moments my men will be joining me.”
She snatched the top and bottom from him, quickly pulling the silken clothing on, relieved that while they showed much of her figure, they hid much more. When dressed he moved forward once more, she gasping in shock as his hands grabbed her hair held within a neat pleated knot, pulling her head back before quickly wrapping a leather collar around her throat. “No”, she moaned, her hands tearing at the circle around her neck as he pulled them once more to her side.
“If you keep fighting me I will have your hands tied behind your back. Do you understand?” Nodding, she stilled, her eyes daggers of hatred, Cadell only giving a laugh as his eyes flicked to her hair.
“Take it down”, adding softly as her mouth set in a mutinous line, “Or perhaps you would rather I did it.” With a scowl, she pulled the pins holding her long hair, allowing it to cascade around her back and shoulders, the length falling nearly to her bottom. Cadell held down the small growl. Thick wavy blonde hair framed her beauty, softening her features even more, his blood boiling alarmingly within his veins. She really was a woman any man would find delight in. “Kneel Tialla”, his request once more greeted with a snort of derision from her as again she refused.
Shaking his head softly he leant down retrieving a length of chain from under the throne, her eyes seeing the loop which had been hammered into the ground, following his actions with confusion. As he grabbed her neck and threaded the chain through the hoop on the collar she finally realised his intent, trying to pull away as he hauled on the chain Tialla falling to the ground unable to stand as the chain held her low to the ground. “You will learn one way or the other that if you do not obey then there are repercussions… and usually not good ones”, his voice soft, almost patient as she glared vehemently at him.
The sound of footsteps saw both turn as one of his men marched purposefully towards them. Stopping, he again saluted his commander. “The delegation is here Sir”, Cadell nodding as he once more took the throne .
“You know what to do.” She looked at him questioninglym his expression serious as his eyes fell to herm “I suggest that you stay silent Tialla, for your own good,” Before she was able to respond the doors flew open, his men moving silently into the room creating a line leading to the throne itself.
Tialla was aware as Cadell sat forward, his features sombre, her confused look following where he watched. With a half-sob, half-relieved cry she saw the delegation he mentioned, her guardian and uncle Harbin leading the five men. Coming to a stop feet from the throne, his eyes fell on his niece, anger deep in his eyes seeing her chained to the throne.
“What is the meaning of this Cadell of Karok?”, his voice low and dangerous, his look turning to the man sat on the throne, before his eyes turned to look more reassuringly at his niece. “Fear not your highness, your people support you.”
Tialla smiled bravely, her head nodding, “Thank you, tell them…”, before the chain around her neck was pulled tighter, her head dropping to the wood as she cried out unable to speak as Cadell stood towering over her his foot on the chain holding her down as he glared at Harbin.
“She no longer rules Harbin, and you should take care to address your comments to the new ruler unless you wish to be escorted back out from my palace.” With that he stepped off the chain, Tialla once more able to sit back, her eyes looking at her guardian, panic now shadowing them.
With a groan she saw the way her guardian made an apologetic inclination of his head, his eyes returning to Cadell. “Forgive me… You must understand that Tialla is my niece… It pains me to see her this way.” The man towering over her looked down, his hand gently stroking her head as she tried to pull away from his touch, the chain yanking her neck as he smiled, the curve of his lips devoid of any real humour.

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