Warrior’s Bride (PT 26)

Chapter Twenty Six

With Cadell gone, the campsite seemed quiet and a little sad, she moving around and quickly packing up those items going back with them. She would never forget this time, her and her future husband’s special time, a soft smile playing on her lips.
Moving to the cave, she began to prepare the final meal, determined to ensure that Cadell was proud of his new wife when his friend, and Nadia – she knowing that her lady in waiting would not allow herself to be left behind – would arrive. The sound of footsteps had her heart starting to beat faster, the strangest joy filling her, “You’re back much earlier than I expected. I wanted to…”, shock thudding into her as she turned round not seeing the man she expected, but a large stranger blocking the entrance. Screaming, she fled to the other exit, pulling to a shuddering halt as another figure loomed out of the blackness. She was trapped.
Turning once more to the first figure, she shivered seeing as each step the man took brought his grotesquely harsh features into focus, the blood in her veins freezing. There was no softness to this man, he was a killer through and through. Backing up, her eyes flicked around the small space looking for any weapon she could use to defend herself, although she knew that she was doomed.
“Where is he princess?” The giant before her spoke, his tone as menacing as his looks. Tialla clamped her mouth closed, her head shaking, her small sign of defiance seeming to amuse the man, a cruel rumble of laughter leaving him as he looked over at the second man, equally as fierce looking, he too descending on her as he crept forward. “Look at that. The little mouse would like us to ‘persuade’ her to talk.”
With that he lurched forward, Tialla having no time to move out of the way, another strangled scream leaving her, despite her determination not to. The giant wrapped a large fist around her hair, gripping it tightly before dragging her against himself. With her back against his chest, his other arm grabbed her arm, pain exploding throughout. “I think that we need to make the little mouse squeak harder. See if her screams don’t bring back our little traitorous cat.”
The other man’s mouth curved into a sickening smile. “Indeed Lord Garel. And how do you propose we do that to such a pretty little creature?” Panic filled her as the sickening realisation of just who held her sunk in. It was Garel himself.
Behind her, she could hear the peel of cruel laugher. “How do warriors tame any woman? On her back of course. She can show us both what Cadell has been enjoying.”
Terror slammed into Tialla – there was no talking with men like these. To them she was nothing more than property to serve their needs. Dragging in a deep breath she vowed not to let herself die that way. As the second warrior stepped closer, she grabbed Garel’s shoulder, using it to anchor herself, her legs lifting and drawing into her body, before she kicked out with all her strength, her feet slamming into his groin, his cry of pain filling the small area. She however, was already moving, her hand grabbing one of the many knives slung around Garel, pulling back and ignoring the pain, as some of the strands of her hair were ripped from her scalp, her hand arching towards the man.
Garel though was already moving, stepping back before the knife could cause any real harm. She watched as the tip sliced through his shirt, a thin line of blood starting to flow, proof of just how close she had come to bringing down the brutal warlord.
Before she could position for another swing, his hand fastened painfully onto her wrist, twisting it so violently she thought he might have broken it, the knife clanging noisily onto the stone ground, before he released her once more.
Now both stared at the other, terror and determination in her, stunned disbelief in him. As his companion slowly dragged himself to his knees his eyes murderous, once more blocking her escape Garel held up his hand to stop the man, Tialla sure he would have killed her otherwise. His finger skimmed his chest, before he licked the tip stained with his own blood. “Well, well”, his mouth curving into what seemed to be an amused smile. “This little mouse has heart and spirit. I like this little mouse. I planned on enjoying her and leaving with her as my wife – keeping her alive long enough to secure my leadership and get Harbin off my back”, his cold eyes boring into hers. “Not even he would go against tradition”, before his look dropped to slide down Tialla. “But she has fire. Imagine the sons she will provide”, his mouth now snarling. “They would not be mutinous rodents or weaklings like those of my other sickly wives.” His eyes flashed now. “I think I will be keeping you after all princess.”
Tialla shook her head, her angry words full of venom. “Never. I would rather die than have you lay with me.”
Again Garel laughed, this time the other warrior joining in. “I think you are right my Lord. Indeed she is a little spitfire”, his laugh full of evil humour. “And that passion. It will make her most enjoyable in bed.”
Garel laughed too, his eyes dissecting her. “Yes. She will do. But like all pets, she will need to learn her place and who her Master is.”
About to declare that he was no Master of hers she never got a chance to speak as his arm pulled back, the back of his hand catching her fully on the cheek, Tialla flying sideways through the air, slamming into the wall, blackness flooding in, blissful, empty darkness.

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