Warrior’s Bride (Pt 20)

Chapter Twenty

She could hear someone crying out, not recognising her own voice or even aware as Cadell moved quickly, sliding up her body to position himself between her legs. Then with one sure thrust he pushed himself deep into her still-spasming body, tearing the membrane within.
Pain flashed briefly through Tialla, the pleasure quickly overpowering it as her hips rose to meet him, her gasp lost as his mouth covered hers, his kiss gentle, seductive. As the sensations lessened, her body relaxed once more as she slowly sank back into the softness of their homemade bed. Every part of her felt heavy, languorous and yet wonderful at the same time. Her eyes opened, revealing the level of her confusion. “C… Cadell”, her voice unsure, her features showing how vulnerable she felt.
His hand rose to caress her cheek as he kissed the edge of her mouth, nibbled gently on her lip, his tone reassuring and reverent. “You’re fine Tialla. I have you, I won’t let you go. Trust me.” Instantly relief washed over her, Cadell almost choking seeing this, seeing the proof of the level of her trust in him. They had not had the best of introductions, but he could feel her faith in him, the level of it flooring him. He loved her.
As she moved, a gasp ripped from her lips, she feeling him still securely sheathed within her, he unable to hold back the ragged sigh feeling her body clamp down on him. However, still he held back, fighting the urge to drive harder into her body, sweat breaking out on his back. “Did I hurt you? Are you OK?”, the sound of his concern bringing a smile to her mouth.
Shaking her head, she lifted herself slightly to bring their mouths together once more. “No. You never hurt me, and I know you never would.”
Cadell’s smile shone from him as his head nodded slightly, “Never. I would rather die myself than see harm come to you”, his mouth a hair’s breadth from hers, his voice growing seductive, “But I only ask because we are not finished yet princess.”
Groaning, her head shook slightly, “I… I don’t think I can”, her voice shaking as their eyes locked, his full of certainty
“Oh you can. And you will. Only this time it will be better, so much better”
About to tell him that it could not possibly be any better his hips moved, the flesh deep inside her sliding across nerves which sprang instantly to wakeful awareness her body stiffening, her hands grasping his arms, fingers rigid as the sound escaped from her mouth to his, his head dipping and taking her lips in a fierce possessive kiss.
Tialla would not have thought it possible after the way she reacted to recover so quickly, but the minute she felt him move deep within her she knew that she was wrong. This man would take her to places she had never even dreamed off.
Cadell struggled to hold back. Everything in him wanted to unleash the desire to plunge deeper and deeper into her tight body, to give way to the beast within screaming for release. But clinging to his control by the thinnest of threads he took his time, allowed her body to adjust to her first climax, to give her time to attune to him, feeling as she finally let go, her legs wrapping around his waist in the most instinctive of urges. Her kiss was now fervent as his, she seeking as much as he as she gripped him, clung to him, let herself go.
He could feel the tingling of release deep in his belly, his fingers gripping the fur blanket as he pushed it back, determined to take her with him. The sense of relief almost knocked him over as she ripped her mouth from his, her back arching against him as her body exploded, clamping down on him, the rippling of her inside, around and over him more than he could withstand.
Driving faster and harder into her – once, twice – his own release shot from him, his cries joining hers in the darkness of the cave, the sound of their joined passion reverberating off the walls, then silence, save for the sound as both tried to bring their ragged breathing under control, he collapsing over her totally spent.
It took the feel of Tialla moving slightly under him for his arm, to shakily push himself from her, rolling to the side one flung around her shoulder to keep her against him, he inexplicably needing to feel her against himself. He felt floored, his mouth kissing the top of her head as she nuzzled in harder against him.
“OK. That was better” her sleepy words, soft and satiated kissed his skin, he huffing out a laugh, happiness bursting from him as he nodded, his head turning to look once more down at her, hers tilted slightly up to look back at him, her eyes large.
“Told you”, his chuckle becoming softer, more serious, “But I can honestly say that even I never expected it to be that good.” His hand rose, one finger trailing down her cheek, “But then again. I have never been in love before”, he surprised at just how easy it was to be open with this women. She was his soulmate, and he knew that he could say anything to her, this feeling freeing.
Her nose scrunched up in the most adorable little giggle as she nodded, “Well, I have very little to compare this experience to, but it felt… special”, her arm sliding around his waist as she cuddled into him, her words now coming out on a tired slur, “You feel special.”
Looking down, Cadell smiled seeing her eyes flutter shut, she falling into a peaceful sleep. Draping the ends of the blanket over them both as best as he could without awakening her, he sighed with contentment before sleep swooshed in to claim him to.

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