The Lost Sister

Henry Grant, the CEO of one of the largest cruise companies in the world, has much to prove and many obstacles to overcome, the least of which being his playboy status. However, he is determined to drag his company into the 21st Century, despite the best efforts of one man. In talks with Nikias Dranias he knows that the partnership will be best way forward for both Companies, and proof that he is the best man to run the Company.

Hayden Carmichael, a tough, no-nonsense go-getter has just had her entire world rocked. Thinking herself an only child to a mother who had no time for her, she discovers that she has two sisters and an extended family. Not only that, but she is now one of the super-rich Dranias family. Hayden, however, has no interest in becoming one of making it on the Dranias name, she has always made her own way in life, and sees no reason that should change. Taking a job with the Dranias Corporation as a junior lawyer, she excels in her new role, happy that everything in her ordered life is finally falling into place. That is until she meets Henry Grant and finds herself pursued by the billionaire. But what will happen when he finds out who she really is?

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