The Lost Sister

It has been many years since Diona and Daryle married the Dranias boys, and many have asked what became of the foursome.  Well, I have just finished my new book ‘The Lost Sister’ which is going through editing as we speak, which is the follow up to ‘Kidnapped The Wrong Sister’.

So for all those who asked, I am bringing them back!  Find out how Diona and Nikias fared when we meet Hayden Carmichael – the sister neither of the girls knew they had.

Tough, smart and motivated, Hayden has triumphed over a childhood devoid of any affection or love to become a lawyer.  She is doing just fine, all by herself, until Diona Dranias appears at her door.  Now, she has an entire family she knew nothing about, and a dream job that she proves herself more than capable of.  Life is good, but becomes complicated when she meets Henry Grant.  Forced to keep her family a secret, how will the man react when he finds out the truth about her?

Henry Grant is the CEO of one of the largest cruise liners in the world.  During talks with Nikias Dranias he meets a young lawyer, Hayden Carmichael, and falls instantly for the fiesty brunette.  But he she is working for the Dranias team and it would be unprofessional to mix business with pleasure.  Wouldn’t it?  So why then does he go to such lengths to create a situation in which the two can spend more time together?  He does not need the distraction with the partnership plans, a scheming gold digger and a back stabbing member of his own board, who will stop at nothing to gain control of his company.

With both having experienced less than ideal childhoods, and complications in their current situations, can they make a better future together?  Or will events conspire to tear the two apart.

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