The Billionaires Mistress

I am often asked what puts a particular story into my head, and I have to answer that it can be the smallest thing.  A quote, a movie or even a song.

The Billionaires Mistress is just such a story, based on one of my favorite songs at the moment

The video for this song is incredibly romantic, and part of the book has a very similar scene to it.

When starting the story, I began with the hero being a singer Tom Trudeau, however this just did not sit well, so enter big brother Ryan Trudeau and in many ways the words of the song mimic the story line.  In this story we see what happens when you cannot be truthful with your feelings, but also that sometimes you do have second chances and when you do…you have to make the most of them.

With only two more people in front of her she had turned in disbelief as Ryan’s voice had filled the air, crying out her name as he had moved swiftly towards her, her whole mind in turmoil wondering what he was doing there.
Shocked she had stared in disbelief.
“Ryan?” her confusion so visible on her shell shocked features.
“What….what are you doing here?”
As he had reached her, his face had seemed determined.
“You never said goodbye… never woke me up”.
Jenna had become aware as everybody in the line had watched the drama that was unfolding before them, as she had not known what was going on.
“You came all the way down here to say goodbye? Because I didn’t wake you?” her voice alive with confusion.
He had shaken his head, taking her hands in his as she had looked into his eyes hers wide with surprise, finally he had seemed to pull himself together his expression becoming surer.
“Last night you said that maybe we needed to get it out of our system” seeing as she had nodded stupefied.
“Well…is it Jenna…is it out of our system? Can you honestly say that you can leave now…….because it doesn’t feel out of my system and I don’t think it is out of yours either”.
He had hesitated as she had stared at him, her face looking so warily at him, before licking her lips nervously.
“Ryan, last night was wonderful, so much more than wonderful” her eyes flicking up to his.
“But maybe it its best if we just part now……… friends” giving a small shaky smile to hide the way her whole insides seemed to be tearing apart at the thought of leaving him, seeing as now only one person was left in the queue.
He however, had shaken his head.
“No……..I don’t think you mean that Jenna” he had finished before taking another step closer pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply.  As his mouth had met hers she had melted falling against him her arms flying around his neck, unaware as many of the queue had began to clap some whistling loudly.
“Come back with me Jenna………..we owe it to each other to really get this out of our systems” he had muttered against her lips.
Jenna’s mind was a muddle of sounds and noises, his words only just making it through to her befuddled brain.  As every instinct in her had told her to flee, to get away as fast as possible, her traitorous body had moved forward, stepping out of the line.
“Are you sure……are you really sure Ryan?” was all she could manage, as he had smiled so widely his face alive with relief.

Sometimes some things will not work out of your system, and sometimes the hardest part of knowing this is in admitting it to yourself, because the repercussions of not can be more painful than you could possibly imagine.

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