The Billionaire’s Blackmailed Heiress

OK….So back to the gorgeous Greek sexy Demi-Gods I love so much:)

Our heroine Mina Lane has a secret.  One she had hoped never to reveal, until the one person she most loves in the world her mother is diagnosed with cancer.  Her mother’s last wish is one she vows to find a way to make happen…to spend the rest of her short life in the one place she was most happy.  Now our heroine has a problem.  That one place was a luxury Greek Villa which her mother’s very rich rich and very married lover rented for her, and the problem is that he was her father.

To afford the Villa, Mina must approach her father’s step-son, and now CEO of the Company, the handsome, ruthless and domineering Nikos Dupris.  He however, has no love for his ex-step father and complete contempt for the daughter who ‘crawls out of the woodwork’ demanding one million pounds.

Rather than paying for her silence, he demands that she reveal her identity and side with him to stop a bid by her other step-brother to sell the Company.  Nikos is determined to use Mina to meet his own needs, however, it is not long before he is fighting his own desire for the woman who he believes as nothing more than a gold digger and he is determined not to become her next victim.

“No…no…this will not happen” he had eventually bitten out before finally turning to face Mina, who had managed to pull herself back into a sitting position, her hair still mussed, her lips red from their kiss, her beautiful eyes full of so many different emotions.

His voice had been angry, accusing as he had rounded on her.

“I know what you are up to Mina, and do not believe me as stupid as my step-father. I have no intention of inheriting his daughter as my mistress. That seems to be the way the women in your family work, but I am not about to become your next meal ticket”.

Staring back at him with complete disbelief on her face, Mina had leapt to her feet, her hands balled, fury pushing the pain of loss from her.

“You arrogant egotistical jerk” she had cried at him, her eyes now full of an anger which burned so brightly in her small face.

“How…how dare you! I want nothing to do with you or your entire damn family. You kissed me…I didn’t ask you to” seeing as he had given a small pfft noise, as he had moved closer to her “Yes very clever, the poor distressed damsel act, what else was I to do?”.

Looking at him with complete disbelief she had glared at the man before her, her body still tingling from his kiss.

“My God Nikos, it really, really eats you up that you are attracted to the daughter of a man you so despised doesn’t it?”

He had frowned, seeing as she had raised her chin defiantly at him.

“Well that is your problem not mine, I will be out of your hair soon enough”.

A shadow of pain crossing her eyes as her voice had broken slightly, her anger the only thing keeping the tears from once more sliding down her face “so just stay the hell away from me”.
With that Mina had turned from him, as her hands had moved protectively around herself feeling the tears once more rising to her eyes, her new found bravado slipping as the conflicting emotions of fear and sorrow and anger had washed over her.

For several seconds there had been silence, before in a softer quieter voice he had spoken “So what do we do about this attraction we have Mina?”

Giving a small half-laugh full of no mirth she had raised her head to stop the tears spilling over “Your problem Nikos…not mine. I want nothing to do with you. Now just leave.”

His hands on her shoulder turning her around had been firm, and his eyes had blazed down at her full of such fire.


He had spoken, as his mouth had once more descended to take her lips, his hands moving around her waist to haul her hard up against him. Mina had wanted to fight him, to push him from her, but the moment their bodies touched she had been lost, her arms flying around his neck to deepen the kiss.

But can either really resist the other?

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