My Female Leads

I wrote a series of three books – Blackmailing the Billoinaire, Betraying the Millionaire and Fiancee for the Billionaire.  The female leads in betraying and fiancee are my kind of women – fiesty, in your face, no-nonsense women.  But Betraying was different.  I am not saying that she was not as strong a character, but she was less ‘in your face’ and quieter, gently persuading those around her to get her way.  I struggled with this trying to make her more fighty and bitey, but she kept coming in and changing the words.  Because it would not have fit her circumstances.  She was a mother with a great deal to lose if she put her needs paramount.  She sacrificed her happiness for her son, and I think that perhaps that made her the strongest character of all

So to Alison, I say.  Thank you for showing me another way.

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