It’s the Little Things

I’m not sure if it is old-fashioned now to find the most romantic thing your partner can do is insist on walking closest to the road for you.  When he wants to protect you from the road spray or take the brunt of air as a truck/bus passes, it melts my heart.  I am so lucky to have such a husband.  Forget the occasional or expensive shows of ‘affection’.  I don’t need a man who buys me flowers all the time, or trinkets to make some statement, I want that man who shows me every day how he feels in a series of little thoughtful things that show me he notices.  That he sees ME and what I need.  And I guess when I write, this man is the one I want for my ladies too.  Sure they all start buying the expensive things.  These bought with little consideration other than it would turn her head.  But they soon realise these women don’t want that kind of man.  They want the one who appreciates them for who they are and what they believe in.

And it can be fun giving rich men the challenge of having to think about what a woman wants for a change rather than what he can throw at her so she throws a little something, something back.

Take for example when Carig Calle messes up big time with Joy in ‘Blackmailing the Billionaire’ his solution is one that will bring tears to your eyes.  This man knocked it out of the park.

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