I’m back!!!

People have asked ‘What happened to Marie Kelly!!’  Well the answer is that I took a break.

But I wasn’t sitting on my fingers doing nothing.  I spent time in two main ways

  1.  Started to write in a couple of different Genres.  We all need to follow the muse and mine went off into fantasy for a bit.
  2.  Started to learn how to be a better editor.

I did not come from a background as a writer, but as a computing person.  I saw writing as a hobby and was surprised how others enjoyed my stories.  I think many of us when this is the case suffer from Imposter Syndrome.  We don’t see what we create as valuable – when it is.

I never looked for a publisher, doing everything myself.  And as a result the editing, as many comments showed, left much to be desired.

If I could give one piece of advice to those aspiring authors out there, it is to find other authors.  Join a writers group.  There are plenty out there, both face to face and online.  Learn from others and get feedback.  It will amaze you how much your writing will improve as a result.  And over the past few years, this is what I have been doing.

I now have decided, damn it! I am a writer!  And my first step is to re-edit all the older books.

I have published a few newer ones, much better written, such as Billionaire’s mistake and Temporary wife and I hope the difference in style will help the stories soar to new heights.

So.  Hi again and I look forward to the future.  Hopefully with you as part of it


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