The Lost Sister

It has been many years since Diona and Daryle married the Dranias boys, and many have asked what became of the foursome.  Well, I have just finished my new book ‘The Lost Sister’ which is going through editing as we speak, which is the follow up to ‘Kidnapped The Wrong Sister’.

So for all those who asked, I am bringing them back!  Find out how Diona and Nikias fared when we meet Hayden Carmichael – the sister neither of the girls knew they had.

Tough, smart and motivated, Hayden has triumphed over a childhood devoid of any affection or love to become a lawyer.  She is doing just fine, all by herself, until Diona Dranias appears at her door.  Now, she has an entire family she knew nothing about, and a dream job that she proves herself more than capable of.  Life is good, but becomes complicated when she meets Henry Grant.  Forced to keep her family a secret, how will the man react when he finds out the truth about her?

Henry Grant is the CEO of one of the largest cruise liners in the world.  During talks with Nikias Dranias he meets a young lawyer, Hayden Carmichael, and falls instantly for the fiesty brunette.  But he she is working for the Dranias team and it would be unprofessional to mix business with pleasure.  Wouldn’t it?  So why then does he go to such lengths to create a situation in which the two can spend more time together?  He does not need the distraction with the partnership plans, a scheming gold digger and a back stabbing member of his own board, who will stop at nothing to gain control of his company.

With both having experienced less than ideal childhoods, and complications in their current situations, can they make a better future together?  Or will events conspire to tear the two apart.

New Book – Substitute Starlet


**********Just Released********

When Tara James finds out her soon-to-be-famous movie star sister needs her, she drops everything to rush to her aid.  While the twins might have very different lives, it is the fact they are identical which allows her to stand in for Susan (Sunny).  However, first she has to deal with the enigmatic and handsome playboy owner of the production company, Logan Callen, who seems hell-bent on firing the starlet for her outrageous behaviour.  Can Tara save her sister and her career and also survive the forceful and sexy Logan.

Logan Callen, is determined to be rid of Sunny James, her wild antics and negative media coverage an embarrassment for his production company.  However, the starlet is nothing like he imagined.  Beautiful, smart, funny and compassionate the thought of being rid of her quickly becomes the last thing on his mind.  Her disinterest in him, however, creates a challenge on how to win over the feisty beauty, and Logan loves a challenge.

New Book out!

I have now published the new book ‘Blackmailing the Billionaire’

This time it is our heroine who is the one in the driving seat…calling all the shots…or is it?

Hope you enjoy:)



Her Two Tycoons

Coming Very soon – 22nd November….available for pre-order now

After a whirlwind affair with playboy Mike Steele, Skyler Lane finds herself pregnant. To make matters worse, Mike is best friends with her ex-husband Tom Trent. Tom still loves Skyler and wants the two to remarry, offering her the security and loving environment he believes she needs. Mike however, wants to marry her also, because he feels that it is his duty to marry the mother of his child. With two men both determined to see their wedding rings on her finger, Skyler must choose which path to take, even if that path does not include either man.


Tom’s eyes briefly closed before they flitted over Skyler, aware of her pain as she stood wringing her hands, her large eyes aghast at the scene unfolding before her, his head once more turning to Mike, lips curled back. “I love her. And just so you know… I was on my way here before my detective informed me that somebody else was here. To you she is just one more notch on your bedpost… but not to me… I came to do the right thing Mike. So why don’t you get the hell out and forget all about us? We are going to get remarried and I will bring up this baby… as my child”
Mike shook his head, his body rigid with the anger within him, his hands balled, ready for a fight. “Like hell Tom. This is my child and I will be the one marrying Skyler… so that we can bring OUR child up together”
With a growl of fury Tom grabbed Mike by the lapels of his jacket, Skyler finally finding the ability to move, her feet carrying her forward as she pushed at the two men, her head shaking violently as she screamed at them, “STOP IT! STOP IT! I AM PREGNANT… I DO NOT NEED THIS!”
Her words, like cold water, saw both men fall back, their eyes resting on her, two sets of eyes full of concern as she stared from one to the other, her small body shaking, eyes brimming with tears. Tom groaned and Mike exhaled a small sigh, both men instantly becoming apologetic. “Skyler…” “Babe” each stepping towards her as she threw her hands up to ward them off, her features full of fierce warning as she glared at them both. 
“How dare you come in here expecting me to fall in with your plans like a good girl”, her head turning to Tom. “I am not marrying you Tom… We tried and it did not work. What happened was a sign that our marriage was not strong enough… I am not making the same mistake again… It is over” Ignoring the pain in his eyes, she turned to Mike, anger rising within her seeing the small smirk which touched his lips as he briefly looked over at Tom. “And as for you… I do not even know you… So do not expect me to marry you either”, the smile dropping instantly from his lips, her look switching from one to the other. “This is not the dark ages!”, her hands flying up in a ‘so what’ gesture. “So I’m pregnant… I know it will be rough… but I can bring this baby up by myself… I don’t need either of you”

Love Is All Around

Saw this in my garden this week.  Maybe it is because I write romance novels and see love everywhere…but a perfect love heart just sitting on the ground makes you stop in your tracks.  Made me smile on what was a cold ‘welcome to Spring’ morning.  Guess that love really is in the air.

The True Meaning Of The Olympic Dream

I may not live in Britain now, but watching the Olympics made me proud to call myself British.  Congratulations to all those involved in the event from the Olympians to those who gave up their time to volunteer to this wonderful extravaganza.


Both the Opening and Closing shows were spectacular and fun to watch, and showcased the abundance of talent in the UK both now and in the past.  While I am sure that there were moments that must have confused those not from Britain (I am not sure that many would understand the significance of a Robin Reliant or batman and Robin leaping from it) I congratulate the organizers for a slick, professional and fun event.

To her Majesty The Queen…congratulations.  Your sense of humour was both inspiring and a true show stopper, something which will fondly be remembered for years to come certainly by myself.

The venues for the events themselves were stunning to watch.  Not often can you see such historic landmarks as you compete for your countries honour, and watching on TV was all the more enjoyable for the magnificent view.

One thing that is certain is that London rolled out the red carpet for every nation, both those participating and those who came to support.  Not once did I see a gloomy face or people complaining about the event and my memories will be forever full of laughing, happy people so full of praise for my country.  I am sure that those leaving will take with them stories of the large hearts and kindness of the British people – and deservedly so.

So from one home sick Brit, who is so missing her homeland….congratulations you did us proud!


Editing Efficiently and Effectively


This made me laugh and was subtle….but goes to show that anybody can make a mistake in print.  This picture according to the photographer was spotted in a well known book company!!!




After receiving some feedback with regard to my editing skills, I stepped back and took a harder look at how I self-edit  – not something that was easy to do.  I had written my books, often over several months, spent a great deal of time nurturing a story-line and each and every one had became personal to me.  I quickly realized that the big problem was that I was too close to the book to be critical enough.  That perhaps what I really needed…was some space and the help of somebody who would not feel the need to spare my feelings.

Books such as the very valuable Mark Coker’s “The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success” cannot stress enough the importance of editing, and he wisely states that editing is not really a solo sport…but one best done with others.  I can concur wholeheartedly with this.  I did not realize just how difficult a skill this would be to master, and thought that I would share with others how I now approach my editing.

In a previous life I was a lecturer and the golden rule was always use different senses. Read, Listen and combine both for best results.  I tried to bring this into my new editing regime and post this only in the hope that others might find something useful in my system that they can bring to their own.

  1. Write book.  I do not spend time fixing spelling mistakes or grammar at this stage, as the story just has to get out.  Writing is something that eats away at me, the images and story-lines run around my brain until they can be poured out into print…only then can blessed relief be found.
  2. Leave the book for a couple of weeks…walk away.  This step gives you the breathing space from the characters and plot.
  3. Spell and grammar check the book fixing errors.
  4. Read through the book making changes where necessary.  Strangely I have found that step 2 has given me the distance to read the book as though I was the reader.  Make as many corrections as can be found, and change parts of the story which do not seem to fit or connect smoothly.
  5. Send the book to my friend to allow her to edit it (I edit hers too…it is a fair exchange).
  6. Within a week I usually receive an edited copy of my book.  She does not make any changes…only highlights errors or things that she did not understand, this is invaluable as coming from the UK I have found that many sayings and customs are different from North America.  I can then choose to accept the correction or stick with my original plan.  Neither she nor I ever become annoyed if we do not accept the others’ changes because at the end of the day it is the authors vision and we accept that about each other.
  7. Make changes based on the edited version.
  8. I read the story to her as she sits with a copy reading along.  This has been the most effective step of editing.  It is amazing how often when reading a sentence it makes perfect sense, however, the moment you hear it it sounds wrong.  Also, often when reading I or she will speak the correct word or phrase, not seeing that it is not what we have actually written.  Therefore, having that other person listening and reading along becomes a powerful editing tool.

As I say, this is only my experience and I hope that others find something that will be of value to them.  Happy writing :)

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister…….FREE!!!









As a thanks to all for your continued support and for feedback received by many I have edited Kidnapped The Wrong Sister and put it up for free.  I tried to do this on Amazon…but unfortunately they restrict how much (and how little) you charge :(

Thinking that I was missing something I did a little research and found this from another author Julie Ortolon which was very valuable…both for the information and my sanity :)

I hope that you enjoy

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The Billionaire’s Blackmailed Heiress

OK….So back to the gorgeous Greek sexy Demi-Gods I love so much:)

Our heroine Mina Lane has a secret.  One she had hoped never to reveal, until the one person she most loves in the world her mother is diagnosed with cancer.  Her mother’s last wish is one she vows to find a way to make happen…to spend the rest of her short life in the one place she was most happy.  Now our heroine has a problem.  That one place was a luxury Greek Villa which her mother’s very rich rich and very married lover rented for her, and the problem is that he was her father.

To afford the Villa, Mina must approach her father’s step-son, and now CEO of the Company, the handsome, ruthless and domineering Nikos Dupris.  He however, has no love for his ex-step father and complete contempt for the daughter who ‘crawls out of the woodwork’ demanding one million pounds.

Rather than paying for her silence, he demands that she reveal her identity and side with him to stop a bid by her other step-brother to sell the Company.  Nikos is determined to use Mina to meet his own needs, however, it is not long before he is fighting his own desire for the woman who he believes as nothing more than a gold digger and he is determined not to become her next victim.

“No…no…this will not happen” he had eventually bitten out before finally turning to face Mina, who had managed to pull herself back into a sitting position, her hair still mussed, her lips red from their kiss, her beautiful eyes full of so many different emotions.

His voice had been angry, accusing as he had rounded on her.

“I know what you are up to Mina, and do not believe me as stupid as my step-father. I have no intention of inheriting his daughter as my mistress. That seems to be the way the women in your family work, but I am not about to become your next meal ticket”.

Staring back at him with complete disbelief on her face, Mina had leapt to her feet, her hands balled, fury pushing the pain of loss from her.

“You arrogant egotistical jerk” she had cried at him, her eyes now full of an anger which burned so brightly in her small face.

“How…how dare you! I want nothing to do with you or your entire damn family. You kissed me…I didn’t ask you to” seeing as he had given a small pfft noise, as he had moved closer to her “Yes very clever, the poor distressed damsel act, what else was I to do?”.

Looking at him with complete disbelief she had glared at the man before her, her body still tingling from his kiss.

“My God Nikos, it really, really eats you up that you are attracted to the daughter of a man you so despised doesn’t it?”

He had frowned, seeing as she had raised her chin defiantly at him.

“Well that is your problem not mine, I will be out of your hair soon enough”.

A shadow of pain crossing her eyes as her voice had broken slightly, her anger the only thing keeping the tears from once more sliding down her face “so just stay the hell away from me”.
With that Mina had turned from him, as her hands had moved protectively around herself feeling the tears once more rising to her eyes, her new found bravado slipping as the conflicting emotions of fear and sorrow and anger had washed over her.

For several seconds there had been silence, before in a softer quieter voice he had spoken “So what do we do about this attraction we have Mina?”

Giving a small half-laugh full of no mirth she had raised her head to stop the tears spilling over “Your problem Nikos…not mine. I want nothing to do with you. Now just leave.”

His hands on her shoulder turning her around had been firm, and his eyes had blazed down at her full of such fire.


He had spoken, as his mouth had once more descended to take her lips, his hands moving around her waist to haul her hard up against him. Mina had wanted to fight him, to push him from her, but the moment their bodies touched she had been lost, her arms flying around his neck to deepen the kiss.

But can either really resist the other?

Blackmailed Merger

This book is the first of a trilogy in which we meet three friends
Samantha Trey, Bella Smith and Kate Palen
After winning a holiday on a Greek Island the girls all begin their own personal journeys to true love.

Book one tells the story of Samantha and Dante Durant.

The premise for Blackmailed Merger was revenge, retribution and the belief that true love will win out in the end.  Initially our hero is out for revenge against our heroines father using her as the means to achieve this goal. Unknown to him as is often the case, when the two separate and go their own ways, it is Samantha who has most cause to get back at the man she once loved.

Cut to four years later and Dante is back in her life once more trying to use her for his own means although this time Samantha is not taking things lying down, at least not out of the bedroom and ultimately the choice for true revenge or forgiveness will be hers.

“As I recall your exact words to me four years ago were that she was the only person who had ever cared about you…it must be so wonderful to be able to afford to provide the care she needs”.
Dante watched the fight leave her, seeing the vulnerability within her, her mask falling revealing once more the young woman he had met in Greece, her expression completely stricken tears rising to her eyelids as she had looked away from him.
He had stepped towards her removing a business card from his pocket as he moved, before placing it on the table beside her.  She had seen words written on it, unable to make them out through the blur of her tears.
“Think about it Samantha, then be here tomorrow night.  We have a lot to talk about”.
Samantha had remained silent her eyes still dropped from him the numbness invading every part of her.  She had felt him pause, felt his eyes on her, feeling some of her old bravado returning as she had clenched her fists together raising her head to look into his eyes, those beautiful black eyes that once upon a time had looked at her so differently.  Quelling the tears as her face had grown once more so serious she had whispered to him.
“I will find a way to beat you Dante.  I will not let you use me again”.
She had seen as his mouth had curled into an almost amused smile.
“There is one thing that I would really like to know” he had said softly and before she had time to react his hands had reached out, pulling her to her feet and into his arms.
“Does that new icy exterior of yours go all the way to the centre” he had finished, as his mouth had dropped to take hers, his arms encircling her, holding her to him as she had fought and struggled to get away.  Panic had filled her as she had pushed her hands against him desperately trying to release herself his mouth unrelenting as he had continued to hold her tightly to him.  As she had felt his tongue slide against hers she had groaned, the fight leaving her as she had shuddered, her tongue caressing his back as her body had fallen against him, her hands flattening out against his chest.

The Billionaires Mistress

I am often asked what puts a particular story into my head, and I have to answer that it can be the smallest thing.  A quote, a movie or even a song.

The Billionaires Mistress is just such a story, based on one of my favorite songs at the moment

The video for this song is incredibly romantic, and part of the book has a very similar scene to it.

When starting the story, I began with the hero being a singer Tom Trudeau, however this just did not sit well, so enter big brother Ryan Trudeau and in many ways the words of the song mimic the story line.  In this story we see what happens when you cannot be truthful with your feelings, but also that sometimes you do have second chances and when you do…you have to make the most of them.

With only two more people in front of her she had turned in disbelief as Ryan’s voice had filled the air, crying out her name as he had moved swiftly towards her, her whole mind in turmoil wondering what he was doing there.
Shocked she had stared in disbelief.
“Ryan?” her confusion so visible on her shell shocked features.
“What….what are you doing here?”
As he had reached her, his face had seemed determined.
“You never said goodbye… never woke me up”.
Jenna had become aware as everybody in the line had watched the drama that was unfolding before them, as she had not known what was going on.
“You came all the way down here to say goodbye? Because I didn’t wake you?” her voice alive with confusion.
He had shaken his head, taking her hands in his as she had looked into his eyes hers wide with surprise, finally he had seemed to pull himself together his expression becoming surer.
“Last night you said that maybe we needed to get it out of our system” seeing as she had nodded stupefied.
“Well…is it Jenna…is it out of our system? Can you honestly say that you can leave now…….because it doesn’t feel out of my system and I don’t think it is out of yours either”.
He had hesitated as she had stared at him, her face looking so warily at him, before licking her lips nervously.
“Ryan, last night was wonderful, so much more than wonderful” her eyes flicking up to his.
“But maybe it its best if we just part now……… friends” giving a small shaky smile to hide the way her whole insides seemed to be tearing apart at the thought of leaving him, seeing as now only one person was left in the queue.
He however, had shaken his head.
“No……..I don’t think you mean that Jenna” he had finished before taking another step closer pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply.  As his mouth had met hers she had melted falling against him her arms flying around his neck, unaware as many of the queue had began to clap some whistling loudly.
“Come back with me Jenna………..we owe it to each other to really get this out of our systems” he had muttered against her lips.
Jenna’s mind was a muddle of sounds and noises, his words only just making it through to her befuddled brain.  As every instinct in her had told her to flee, to get away as fast as possible, her traitorous body had moved forward, stepping out of the line.
“Are you sure……are you really sure Ryan?” was all she could manage, as he had smiled so widely his face alive with relief.

Sometimes some things will not work out of your system, and sometimes the hardest part of knowing this is in admitting it to yourself, because the repercussions of not can be more painful than you could possibly imagine.


Occasionally I enjoy writing books with more of a back story, as well as the romantic overtones I enjoy.  Mia is one such book.

Here we see a woman with a past she has been running from her whole life return to her home town to settle her fathers estate.  Rescued from a stormy night and a broken down car by the handsome Paul James it is just the beginning of her troubles.  Mia will face her past in the most terrifying way possible, while finding that there really is somebody worth standing her ground and fighting for.

I hope you enjoy this shorter than usual story (just over 30k words instead of the usual 50k), and as is my way, this is reflected in the lower price.