Captured – A little different

I am a HUGE Second Life fan.  I have been in this exciting virtual world for many many years, and have learnt so many things and met so many people.  I have the a wardrobe that most of us women would happily kill for, and my avatar has the same perfect figure of all of my heroines.  Bottom line… is a great place to be.

Captured was a little bit of a chance for me.  I wanted to create a story with all the same challenges as my other stories, but putting it within a fantasy world, which still seemed real to those in the story. All of my characters live in this world and it was written from their point of view.

Because of the many issues with naming the virtual world, I called mine VirtualWorld (VW) and got more than a little creative in adding functionality to the world, but those who use this wonderful environment will  recognise it instantly.

I also wanted something more of a mystery and suspense, with our heroine having to make some very hard decisions to save the man she loves.

So ……..The Plot

In this story Kindra Ixar, a resident finds herself captured by avatar traffickers, when one night she visits a night club, and her whole nicely ordered world is turned upside down.  She finds herself sold at auction to a Gor Master, Dark Kestrel, who demands nothing but respect and total obedience from her.

“Oh I have met your type before Kindra. Your world is nicely organised, a place for everything including your emotions. You hold everything tightly bottled up inside you and run from anybody or anything that might threaten that thin veneer of yours. While others around you see you as cool and professional, inside you are fighting to keep down those feelings which are always there bubbling just below the surface” He was now looking keenly at her his black eyes drilling deeply into hers
“And one thing I have discovered is that when women like you do finally let go, let those passions free, it is a thing of beauty to behold”
Kindra could feel herself blush, her eyes staring back into his unable to break free from their hold
“So there is one more question I have for you Kindra” he said softly
“You see yourself as a slave, how would you like to be treated. As a slave or a sub”
With that Kindra had felt the tears once more rise in her eyes
“This is not my world D….” she had begun sadly, seeing one eyebrow raised in warning as she had quickly corrected herself “ Master…….. please just let me go” her eyes pleading with his
“No Kindra, this IS now your world, and I am giving you a choice so choose”
Bowing her head she had whispered softly “sub” feeling the tears trickling down her cheek
“Then we understand each other” he had replied, his voice sure, as he had stood, looking down on the woman at his feet who was unable to look back at him

However, Dark Kestrel is more than he appears and Kindra finds herself pulled into the middle of the very plot that landed her with him in the first place.  Is Dark good or evil, and does Kindra really care as she finds herself falling more and more under his spell, her heart the worst traitor of all.

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