Betrayed By the Billionaire (pt 3)

Chapter Three

“Now why such a deep sigh?”  The velvety words made him turn around, pulled from his memories by the woman now stood before him.  She moved in closer, rising on her toes to drop her mouth against his, the kiss soft but held for longer than was necessary as their eyes locked, her look full of heat and sex and promise.

“Now darling, you need somebody to bring a smile to that face of yours, it is your birthday after all”, her lovely amber eyes flicking tantalisingly down to his lips, her meaning very clear as he stepped back.  “And what would your husband say to that Alanna?”, he joked seeing the small smile on her lips. “Well…if you don’t tell, then neither will I”. she murmured sensually, Max giving a small laugh as he shook his head.  “Pass…and you are a very naughty girl”  Her throaty laugh one that could test the resolve of any man.  Taking a step from him she looked seductively over her shoulder, her words dripping like honey from her perfect mouth “Well if you change your mind…you know where I am”

Max closed his eyes softly against the temptation just as his look fell on the couple who just entered the room.  He did not even register the way Sean G was dressed, his look completely focussed on the woman at his side.  The previous day she had been beautiful, today she was stunning.  Dressed in a blue sleeveless cocktail dress, the material clung to every delectable curve of her body, her hair held high on her proud head only elongating her figure further.  Looking around he could see that he was not the only man who had noticed her, a strange jealousy ripping through him as he moved to where they stood, the other woman forgotten, the sight of Sierra Summers pushing all other thoughts from him.

“Hello Sean”, he smiled reaching the pair, his look falling to the woman by his side.  “And hello Sierra”, his eyes delving deeply into hers.  Sierra felt the small shiver running through her as she murmured a suitable response, trying not to show the way his presence was once more making the blood rush to her ears, her heart beating frantically, angry at having any reaction to this man from her past.  Sean was laughing as he looked around the party nodding with approval.  “Nice Max…and happy birthday”, he grinned before turning to Sierra, a wicked glint in his eyes.

“Excuse me Sierra…I see somebody I need to talk to” , he said, quickly leaving her standing, her eyes glaring at him as he left the two alone.  Taking a calming breath she fixed a smile on her lips, hoping that her voice would be steady, uninterested.   “Yes happy birthday Max…I am sure that you have a lot of people to talk to, please do not let me keep you”

His deep laugh made her look up at him, a frown on her features as he shook his head.  Taking her arm, he moved her to the dance floor pulling the less than keen woman into his arms.  “You really need to work on that poker face of yours Sierra; you never could hide your true feelings”.  Dropping all pretence she hissed back at him, “What do you expect Max.  You know exactly how I feel.  Do you really want me to make nice?”, her teeth clenched tightly as he held her even tighter to himself.

“Now why are you so angry at me?”  His soft voice brushed against her cheek, Sierra suddenly so aware of the way he held her, their bodies tight together, his intoxicating aftershave enveloping her.  Keeping her head down it was all she could do not to moan softly and breathe the scent of him in deeply, confused why she should be feeling so like wrapping her arms around his neck and moving in even harder against him.  Taking a few seconds to calm down, she finally answered ,“You know exactly why.  And please do not think that ten years has changed the way you made me feel”

He gave a small sigh of exasperation.  “I was only doing what was right for you Sierra”, he replied, sensing as she had tensed in his arms, her head rising to him. “Really?…And what gave you the right to decide what was best for me Max?  It was not what I wanted and you knew that”  He had felt the anger rising within him, once more amazed how this woman of all others could irritate him in a way nobody else ever could.  Even now while he had never been more aware of a woman, he just wanted to shake her, his tone steely, “Yes you are so good at making decisions Sierra”  Confusion filled her features as she bit back, “and what is that supposed to mean?”, seeing the contemptuous look rise in his dark eyes. “You never were good at choosing men.  Sean is a great guy, but why the hell are you putting up with your boyfriend parading the other play-bunnies in front of you?”

Her loud gasp sent warning bells ringing within him as her eyes flashed angrily at him “I’m not his girlfriend!”, she hissed, indignation bristling through her.  Max frowned, while feeling the oddest sensation of relief filling every part of him.  “Then why is he introducing you as his ‘main girl’”, seeing the way she glared furiously back at him.  “He calls me that because I organise his life.  Without me he wouldn’t know which day of the week it was…it is just his nickname for me.  Sean has never liked titles like PA”  Her eyes raked him contemptuously, “But way to go for jumping to conclusions Max.  You always did like to think the worst of me”

Inwardly he kicked himself before feeling irritation rise. “You did not correct him.  You knew how it would sound…so don’t have a go at me jumping to the wrong conclusion” The two danced silently together, both seething for a few seconds, before Sierra sighed softly known that he spoke the truth.  Sean was always introducing her in that way, partly because he found it amusing the way she would correct him and define her true role in his life.  She had not done that when they met Max the previous day, the realisation filling her that she wanted him to think that she and Sean were more than just business friends.

Clearing her throat nervously she looked up, her voice more subdued as she gave him a sombre look,  “I was sorry to hear about your mother”, her voice full of sincerity as he gave her a small sad return smile. “Thank you…I know that you were both close Sierra”  Silence once more fell between them both before he pulled back slightly to look down at her just as the music stopped.  “Why did you never return to the island?”

Sierra paused.  Her plan had been to escape him the minute the song ended, however with a question still unanswered she cursed inwardly as he led her to a table, knowing that she could not politely get away before answering, annoyed that he seemed to manoeuvre her into a position she did not want to be.

Finally seated, he took two glasses of champagne from a tray offered by one of the many waiters moving around the throng and handed her one.  As she ran her small tongue along her glistening mouth before answering, she was unaware how this small act had sent a strange heat slamming into Max.  “Well…I was only at the school for two years, and was lucky enough during the holidays to stay with friends.  Besides I had nowhere to go.  No home, no family there, where would I have gone?”

His soft voice had been slow.  “You would always have been welcome at my  house”  Sierra looked into her glass, her mouth curling bitterly as she gave a small bitter sound, a half-laugh containing no humour.  “Now isn’t that strange?  I got the impression that your house was the one place I was definitely not welcome”  Her eyes flew to his. “As I recall you could not wait to get rid of me”

His mouth clamped shut, his brows knitting together in annoyance, before with a sigh he offered, “I’m not home often…I would have been only too happy to leave instructions for you to use it” For some reason Sierra felt the hurt slam into her, not sure why his desire not to be around her affected her so much, determined not to allow him to see how much his words pained her as she nodded softly. “Well I will bear that in mind”, just as her phone rang loudly.

Placing her drink down, she answered the call making apologetic gestures to Max as she fled from the crowded noisy warm room to the cool gardens on the other side of the ornate French doors.  For half an hour she talked to the man on the other end, annoyance filling her with what she was being told, before dropping the device back into her purse, sighing as she stared blankly into the night sky, her smooth forehead furrowed in concentration.

Behind her she heard the sound of somebody joining her, Sierra forcing a bright smile on her face as she turned, the look turning to one of annoyance seeing Max stood before her.  “Don’t you have other guests to annoy?”, the words out before she could stop them, her features becoming apologetic.  “I’m sorry.  That was uncalled for.  I just got some bad news and I need to go back to the office”

Max however, moved closer to her.  “Do you always work this late?”, a rueful smile dropping to her lips as she nodded.  “Yep.  Life with a rock star I guess”, seeing as he fixed her with strange expression, as she gave a small laugh. “Well it was most unexpected running into you again Max”  His lips twitched. “But happy birthday.  Enjoy your party”

Making to step around him, he moved before her.   “What…no kiss for the birthday boy?”  Looking thoughtfully up at him her voice had been mocking.  “I thought that you weren’t interested in ‘bratty little children’”, she murmured, her voice dripping with disdain as he smiled, a wolfish smile which caught her completely off-guard as his arms flashed forward to grab her waist, pulling her in against him as his head dropped.

“What I believe I said was I preferred real women, not scrawny little vagabonds”  Sierras eyes widened at his remembering the exact words he had thrown at her so long ago.  “And you are neither scrawny nor a child now Sierra”  His mouth dropped to claim hers.  His kiss had been wonderful; gentle yet demanding.  Her determination to push him aside melted instantly as his hands rose to cup her face, hers fluttering for a second before settling on his waist. A soft groan left her as his tongue flicked across her lips parting them as she tasted him, savouring him, her body falling against his.

Pulling slightly back, with eyes which burned brightly with fire, his voice was hoarse,  “Why don’t you forget work…stay with me?”  Her eyes fluttered, the temptation so strong, before she realised what was happening.  With a gasp she pulled back, stepping from him, her look full of confusion, not sure what had happened as she had stammered, “I…I don’t think so.  H…Happy Birthday Max”, before fleeing once more through the open French doors, desperately needing space between them.

Quickly finding Sean, she explained the emergency, insisting that he stay at the party as she would take the car and send it back for him.

{next installment 30th October}

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