I live in Canada, near the nice water feature, a transplant from the beautiful country of Scotland. Apparently someone told me the weather was better! They lied.

I live with my family and a crazy cat (Loki), who heard somewhere dogs have owners and cats have staff and who now expects that level of service.

When not writing, I love to aimlessly stare off into space and day dream, though I call it research. I am a huge fan of sci-fi and anything with the word ‘Star’ in the title – such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate…you get the idea. Am currently loving the new reboot series for Star Wars, especially The Mandalorian. Also I am a huge fan of cheesy investigative shows such as ‘Johnathon Creek’, ‘Murder in Paradise’ and ‘Murder she Wrote’ (though if Jessica Fletcher ever joined my cruise ship, I would take my chances in the water, because someone is going to DIE)

I am an enthusiastic, rather than great gardener, and will try my hand at most DIY projects – with differing results. Nobody ever said I was good! The thing I wish I could do better is cook. When the smoke alarm is fondly known by your family as ‘the dinner bell’ you know you are no gourmet chef.

As well as writing, my creative streak shows itself in stain glass creations. A fan of all things shiny, especially coloured shiny, stain glass has always been a fascination, and my house contains a plethora (I just wanted to include that word) of original pieces.

I hope you enjoy the little romantic stories that live in my head and I appreciate everybody who takes the time to read them and contact me.