Warrior’s Bride (Pt 18)

Chapter Eighteen

A soft groan escaped Cadell, his eyes once more meeting hers. The time for talk was over as his hand wrapped around her head, pulling her to him. Tialla allowed herself to fall willingly against him, her hands fanning across his chest. “Tialla”, her name slipped reverently from his lips before he was kissing her, his mouth gentle, his tongue sliding against the soft velvety softness of hers as he seemed to seek permission for entry. With the smallest of sighs her lips parted, her tongue darting out to touch his.
Cadell had never before experienced anything so erotic, so intensely personal. He had many lovers in his life, but never before had he felt as connected to another person, his body shivering slightly. He wanted her, wanted her badly, this need almost as important as the need to breathe, but he pulled back slightly, his forehead against hers as he fought for breath, not sure why his breathing had become so ragged. “Tialla. Have you ever been with a man?”
He saw the way her eyes blinked, a soft pink blush blooming over her cheeks as her head gave one small shake, her voice thick with desire, “No. As princess, it was expected that I would give myself only to the man who would be my king”, a small chuckle leaving her as her eyes once more filled with laughter. “To be honest it has not been too hard a promise to keep, until you arrived. Every time you touched me I have felt so strange, so… out of control.”
Now Cadell could not hold back the smile as his thumb brushed along the softness of her cheeks. “You have not been the only one princess. It is a wonder I have slept at all with the thoughts of you that have filled my nights, wicked thoughts of what I wanted to do with your body.” Now a hint of wariness came into his voice, “But I do not want to hurt you Tialla.”
Rising on her tiptoes, Tialla brought her mouth once more to his, their lips not quite touching, their breaths intermingling. “Cadell. If you truly do not want to hurt me then you had better make love to me soon, because I feel like my skin is on fire.”
“As you wish, your majesty.” His deep chuckle skittered over her mouth a split second before his hand flexed, once more pulling her to him, this time the kiss harder, more demanding. Tialla was not aware as her fingers clutched at him as she hung on to his tunic, his kiss eliciting an equal reaction within her. She gave everything as their tongues tangled with the other’s, her body writhing against him in an instinctive dance.
As his hands drifted down, moving down her back, he began to unhook the fastenings of her top, heat flaring between her legs, her belly rolling in the most erotic manner. She too began to undress him, her fingers, nervous to start, pulling at the fastenings of his tunic, a sigh escaping her as the sides gave way, her fingertips now touching the hardness of his well-toned chest.
With movements now more daring, spurred on by the small sigh which escaped him, and the way his body jumped at just her gentle touch, she explored, allowing her hands to slide down his chest, down his belly and around his side, goosebumps rising wherever she touched. While she might be an innocent, there was no mistaking the bulge in his leathers which prodded her stomach.
As he continued to kiss her, his hands now having released all of the hooks on her tunic top, she let her hand glide over the tip of the bulge. Cadell jumped, his mouth ripped from hers as he whispered words she could not fully make out, but instinctively understood, his need for her almost overpowering him. As he kissed down her neck, his hands pulled the top from her, until she stood naked from the waist up. She allowed her head to fall back, this bringing her hips harder to him, another moan ripped from him as his mouth licked and kissed down the long column of her slender neck. “My God Tialla”, his words were gritty, and hoarse, “I have never wanted another like this. Just the touch of your hand sets me on fire. I am not sure how long I can last.”
His words meant nothing to Tialla, but she could feel the pent up need in him, this strangely empowering. Pulling back, she stepped backwards, not aware of the image she made, his eyes half closing as he stared at her wonderful body. With actions unconsciously natural to a woman she moved to lay over their bed, her hands falling level with her head as she licked her reddened lips, “I am here my lord. Make me truly yours.”
Cadell would not have thought it possible to be any harder than he already was, but her words like warm water sloshed over him with the intensity of a tsunami. Dragging the open tunic from himself, he pulled the boots he wore from his feet before yanking the leathers down and kicking them to some unseen part of the cave.
Naked, he paused, his look taking in the way her eyes widened as she pushed herself slightly up, her hand reaching out. Stepping closer, he held his breath as her fingers nervously touched the tip of his now weeping hardness. Her look rose to meet his, wariness now mixing with the desire in the blueness, “You are so big. W…Will that fit?”
Of all the things he expected to hear, that had not been it, a laugh bursting from him as he dropped to kneel beside her. Taking her hand in his, he turned it to lay soft kisses along the white underside of her wrist. “It will fit Tialla, because we fit. We were meant to be together. I absolutely know this. You are the woman I was destined to be with, so yes, it will fit.”

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Warrior’s Bride (Pt 17)

Chapter Seventeen
Tialla stared at Cadell, her heart soaring deep within her chest. Could he mean it? Her eyes flicked down his features seeing nothing but honesty within. This man did not need to lie to her. She was his no matter what, tears blurring her vision.
“Did you mean what you said to my people on the balcony?”
The apprehension in his face seemed to melt as he nodded, his voice gentling, “Every word. Your uncle is a clever man Tialla. He told me that the hardest part of conquest is not winning the war, it is winning the peace. You are a peaceful woman, wise beyond your years. You are selfless and the kind of leader any region would be proud to have. From the moment we met I have held you in the highest esteem.”
Finally, she managed to huff out a small snort, not aware as tears slid down her cheeks. “As I recall you stripped me down and forced me to wear the silks of a servant girl, so perhaps not from the first moment.”
Cadell’s eyes squeezed together in a pained grimace even as he laughed, his head nodding, “Oh I won’t lie, I really appreciated you then too. You have an amazing body”, the laughter dying down as his eyes became more serious. “I am sorry for every slight I ever made towards you. To think back on it makes me hate myself, and I only hope that you can learn to feel a fraction of the way I feel about you now”, his hand cupping her cheeks as his thumbs lovingly wiped away the tears.
Tialla swallowed as her hand rose to touch his cheek also, her look flicking over his features seeing the honesty in his words. “It is true that when we met I hated you, but sometimes as a very cunning man once told me, bad things happen to save us from even worse things. Had Garok invaded, I know with absolute conviction that my region would even now be under martial law, my uncle drawn into a bloody war which would have seen his and my people slaughtered. You saved us… and you saved me.” Now her look became more impassioned. “Cadell, when I am with you I feel safe, I feel treasured, and I never expected that. When I see you, my heart starts racing, not from fear, but because I think… No I know, that I love you too.”
The smile which lit his lips radiated from him, his hands curving further around her head as he dragged her head closer to his, his mouth taking hers in a long demanding kiss. Tialla let herself sink into it, rejoicing in the knowledge that against all odds, somehow she had found a man who would die for her and who would care for her and her people just as she would him and his.
Once more Cadell pulled back, determination in his eyes, she smiling widely as he took her hand and dropped to his knee. Looking up at her he grinned. “I know that technically in the eyes of our people we are engaged, the deal struck, but I am asking you now as a man who loves you, not as a leader wishing to make a beneficial treaty. Tialla, I am asking you if you will be my wife. If you will be the one and only woman I spend the rest of my life with. Not because it is advantageous”, a wicked smile on his lips as he gave a small shrug, “Although it is”, his hand dragging her fingers to his mouth as he once more became sombre, “But because I love you. While I will do all a leader should to support his queen, this declaration is not about our peoples, but one about us. I want to see you smile, hear that smart-assed mouth of yours telling me off when I do dumb things – and I am sure to. I want to feel you in my arms, be the man you turn to when you feel overwhelmed or pained. Tialla, I want to be the other half of your soul.”
Now she could see the way his eyes seemed to shimmer as he spoke with deep meaning. “My soul has been dark for so long, but already, just being around you, I feel like a better man. Tialla, you have the power to save me from becoming the one thing that I most dread, the one thing that till now has seemed almost inevitable. Your gentle spirit and kindness make me want to be better, and fills me with the belief that I can be more like you and not end up becoming a man like Garel.” Taking a deep breath, he looked deeply into her eyes. “Be my wife Tialla. Share my life and be my partner. I need you and I love you with everything in me.”
Tialla shone as she smiled, her head nodding, words taking time to form as she dropped to her knees, her arms flying around his neck. “Yes. Oh yes. I feel like I have waited my entire life just for you Cadell. I love you too.” For several seconds the two clung to the other before she gently pried herself from him, her eyes delving into his. “As for saving you, perhaps it is that we are just saving each other. Since meeting you, I have felt the connection, felt the pull of you to me. I was lonely before, but now I feel I have somebody I can share everything with.” She managed a snicker as she hitched her bottom lip playfully between pearly white teeth. “It has been exhausting talking to myself all this time”, he joining in before her hand once more gently caressed his cheek. “And you might think that you would slip into the kind of man Garel is, but you never would.” Her hand now moved to touch his chest. “You have a good heart Cadell, one full of all the qualities a king needs. You are strong, resilient, cunning and determined like a warrior, but you are also compassionate and forgiving like a leader. I am honoured to be the woman who will stand by your side, who will be the mother of your children and who will be your lover.”

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