The True Meaning Of The Olympic Dream

I may not live in Britain now, but watching the Olympics made me proud to call myself British.  Congratulations to all those involved in the event from the Olympians to those who gave up their time to volunteer to this wonderful extravaganza.


Both the Opening and Closing shows were spectacular and fun to watch, and showcased the abundance of talent in the UK both now and in the past.  While I am sure that there were moments that must have confused those not from Britain (I am not sure that many would understand the significance of a Robin Reliant or batman and Robin leaping from it) I congratulate the organizers for a slick, professional and fun event.

To her Majesty The Queen…congratulations.  Your sense of humour was both inspiring and a true show stopper, something which will fondly be remembered for years to come certainly by myself.

The venues for the events themselves were stunning to watch.  Not often can you see such historic landmarks as you compete for your countries honour, and watching on TV was all the more enjoyable for the magnificent view.

One thing that is certain is that London rolled out the red carpet for every nation, both those participating and those who came to support.  Not once did I see a gloomy face or people complaining about the event and my memories will be forever full of laughing, happy people so full of praise for my country.  I am sure that those leaving will take with them stories of the large hearts and kindness of the British people – and deservedly so.

So from one home sick Brit, who is so missing her homeland….congratulations you did us proud!