Blackmailed Merger

This book is the first of a trilogy in which we meet three friends
Samantha Trey, Bella Smith and Kate Palen
After winning a holiday on a Greek Island the girls all begin their own personal journeys to true love.

Book one tells the story of Samantha and Dante Durant.

The premise for Blackmailed Merger was revenge, retribution and the belief that true love will win out in the end.  Initially our hero is out for revenge against our heroines father using her as the means to achieve this goal. Unknown to him as is often the case, when the two separate and go their own ways, it is Samantha who has most cause to get back at the man she once loved.

Cut to four years later and Dante is back in her life once more trying to use her for his own means although this time Samantha is not taking things lying down, at least not out of the bedroom and ultimately the choice for true revenge or forgiveness will be hers.

“As I recall your exact words to me four years ago were that she was the only person who had ever cared about you…it must be so wonderful to be able to afford to provide the care she needs”.
Dante watched the fight leave her, seeing the vulnerability within her, her mask falling revealing once more the young woman he had met in Greece, her expression completely stricken tears rising to her eyelids as she had looked away from him.
He had stepped towards her removing a business card from his pocket as he moved, before placing it on the table beside her.  She had seen words written on it, unable to make them out through the blur of her tears.
“Think about it Samantha, then be here tomorrow night.  We have a lot to talk about”.
Samantha had remained silent her eyes still dropped from him the numbness invading every part of her.  She had felt him pause, felt his eyes on her, feeling some of her old bravado returning as she had clenched her fists together raising her head to look into his eyes, those beautiful black eyes that once upon a time had looked at her so differently.  Quelling the tears as her face had grown once more so serious she had whispered to him.
“I will find a way to beat you Dante.  I will not let you use me again”.
She had seen as his mouth had curled into an almost amused smile.
“There is one thing that I would really like to know” he had said softly and before she had time to react his hands had reached out, pulling her to her feet and into his arms.
“Does that new icy exterior of yours go all the way to the centre” he had finished, as his mouth had dropped to take hers, his arms encircling her, holding her to him as she had fought and struggled to get away.  Panic had filled her as she had pushed her hands against him desperately trying to release herself his mouth unrelenting as he had continued to hold her tightly to him.  As she had felt his tongue slide against hers she had groaned, the fight leaving her as she had shuddered, her tongue caressing his back as her body had fallen against him, her hands flattening out against his chest.