Blackmailed For Vengeance – book 4

By now you may be realising ………..I like Greek men……….especially alpha males.  Sorry it was my holiday destination as a young adult…..and yep the men were really like that.

In Blackmailed for Vengeance the premise is really based on our hero (Yanis Demitri) a playboy billionaire forcing our heroine (Lee Andrews) to become his fiance and move in with him.  The reason behind this is the belief that Lee has made his friend fall in love with her and when she found out that he was not rich abandoned him leaving him heartbroken leading to a suicide attempt.  Lee knows better, but is not able to reveal Jim’s secret, owing her friend so much for having been there for her when she needed a friend most.

Yanis plans on giving Lee the life he believes she wants.  A life full of money and the luxuries a gold digger like her yearns for, then with no warning throwing her out with nothing, leaving her with only the desire to get it all back.  He feels that this will teach her a lesson for playing with his friends heart.  However, our hero has not met a woman like Lee before, and in spite of his proclamation to her:

“You are going to move in with me as my fiancée” he said, finally gratified at the sudden look of shock which filled her face
“You are blackmailing me to sleep with you” she cried in horror, her eyes staring at him
He had frowned angrily
“I didn’t say anything about you sharing my bed” he replied “I have never had to force a woman to sleep with me, and I certainly don’t intend to start with you” he said with complete contempt in his voice “Please don’t flatter yourself”

It is not long before he has changed his mind as the attraction between the two erupts, Yanis quickly making her his mistress, to be used until he is ready to throw her to the side

He had placed an arm around her waist pulling her back down onto the bed beside him
“No..from now on you share my room… my bed” he said
Lee looked at him in anguish
“No…I never agreed to be your mistress” she bit out
“You just did” he said softly “and from now on you sleep with me.. until I end our relationship”

Lee’s only hope of salvation was in Jim’s coming out of the comma he lies in, when the truth will allow her to escape from Yanis blackmail trap… but does she really want to?

Kidnapped the Wrong Sister – Book 3

This book was born from the premise that older siblings are protective and not always right. :)

In this book we see Daryle Brown the younger sister of Diona Brown falling in love with Alexis Dranias the playboy brother of the tycoon Nikias Dranias after the two meet on holiday.  Daryle runs off to Greece to marry Alexis, and Diona has to  fly out to save her sister.  She is tricked onto Nikias island when he too decides to put a stop to the marriage, believing Daryle to be nothing more than a gold digger and deciding to hold her until she has to leave.  However, he has trapped the wrong sister onto the island, mistaking Diona for Daryle, and not believing her preposterous story about a sister but soon finds that the two are physically drawn to the other.

“Very good Miss Brown” he drawled
“I had a phone call from my brother not long after I left you … he told me that you had ripped up the cheque, he had a lot to say about that, along with a few other things, none of which I will bore you with…. Not a smart move Miss Brown”
“And why is that Mr Dranias” she had bit back her eyes angry daggers
“Because you forced my hand….I told you there was no way that I was letting you get your greedy little hooks into my brother.. so welcome to my island”
Diona had looked at him, the confusion on her face so clear
“Wh…what do you mean” she stuttered
By now Nikias Dranias had moved so close to her that there was only about a foot between them, and she could see his dark eyes as they looked down on her with triumph on his face
“I mean Miss Brown that you will be staying here, until you’re due to return back to the UK, when I personally will put you back on the damn plane and out of our lives.  My brother, has a very short attentions span Miss Brown, and I’m sure that once you are out of the way, he will quickly find other little playmates with which to fill his day.”

As the truth about who she is is revealed, we see events falling into place for the younger brother and sister, with Nikias believing that it is Diona herself who has tricked him, who has masterminded her younger sister catching herself a rich husband.  He cuts his brother off without a penny, but who does he miss most……..his brother or the women who brought such disruption to his life.

I loved writing this story because here we have two very strong characters, both the “adult” in the relationship with their siblings, both knowing what is best for them…….yet neither can really see what is so obvious to those around them.

Blackmailed for the Billionaire’s Pleasure – Book 2

When I was younger I used to really enjoy the black and white movies in which the hero would save the heroine from the evil looking landlord (for some reason they were mostly landlords – no idea why).  This blaggard was evil to the bone and ugly to boot, while our innocent heroine was prepared to sacrifice herself for those she loved, leaving our hero to rescue her, save the day and resolve the issue opening her up to blackmail in the first place (life was hard for heroes in those days)

So I got to thinking, what would happen if the blackmailer was not so evil and not so ugly.  What if our blackmailer was out for revenge against our poor heroine, and what if our heroine had no idea why.

So was born Blackmailed for the Billionaire’s Pleasure in which Kira Black finds herself in the clutches of the man she had loved two long years ago.  The man who had taken her innocence and then abandoned her without so much as a word of reason.  Now to save her friend and employer from financial ruin he has given her a choice.

 “I just closed on the deal to buy this place” he gestured with open arms. “I feel like relaxing and unwinding, so I’m taking a few days holiday on my island and was looking for someone to spend it with …. Just something meaningless and casual and there you were…. you seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
He smiled seeing her flinch
“I want you to join me, and to be totally at my beck and call for the whole 6 days …. and 5 nights” he added the last part with a flick over her body
Kira looked at him in horror
 “No” she cried “I won’t be your little whore”
His eyes flashed in anger
 “You will be or I will destroy Bill Thomson”
While it would be easy to not like our hero, Craig Kent, we can tell from the start that there is much more to their original breakup than she is aware of.  We see as he tries to stick to his original plan of revenge while the feelings between the two once more rise to the surface.  Craig constantly battling with what she had done in the past and Kira desperately trying to keep her secret hidden.

I loved writing this story because it flipped the original black and white plot on its head.  Right from the word go we cannot hate our blackmailer, and neither can our heroine.

MySon – The First Book I Wrote

When starting a book there has to be something that hooks you…that makes you want to know more about how any situation actually ends up.  Given a romance, we all kind of know that the girl and the guy will end up together, but it is the journey they take to get there that hooks us.

I got to thinking, what the worse start for a couple could be and came up with the plot of a millionaire playboy Marc De Santo, who unknowingly has a son to one of his mistresses.  He finds out only after she is killed, and resents the fact that he has missed nearly a year of his sons life

Meanwhile Max is being brought up, and in all truthfulness, has his whole life by his ex-girl friends cousin Kelly Brown, whom she had lived with.  Kelly has been led to believe that Max and his mother had been abandoned by the playboy and detested him for what she believed him to have done to the little boy she looked on as her own son and to Trudy her cousin.

To avoid a legal fight, which Kelly knew she would lose, and to not hurt the small child with the loss of the woman he looked on as his mother, Marc’s motivation, she moves into his home with the promise that she can stay as long as she felt he needed her.  We now have a situation in which the two get to know each other, both treading carefully around the other while learning to trust and respect the other.

He could see the battle she was having to stop the tears which were welling up in her eyes from falling, and something in him had fluttered at the vulnerability of her.  His plan had been simple, to get his son away from this woman as quickly as possible; however, watching their reaction to each other, it was clear that Kelly Brown was indeed the woman who had raised him.  She really was the only mother he had known.  To separate them now would hurt Max he had told himself, and he wanted desperately not to hurt the small child contentedly drinking from a bottle his face and hands covered with food.

“When I go to court, my lawyers will make sure that they overturn the will” he had stated “As his natural father I will be awarded custody”
She had stood before him miserable and lost, her eyes focussing on a spot over his head”

Kelly is still fighting to deal with the heartbreak of her past and Marc is all too aware of his own nature, his lack of interest in a long term relationship.  He does not want to sucumb to his feelings for the carer of his child and lose the friendship of the woman who was becoming so important to him and she does not want to lose her son.

Both characters are strong and independent and battle each other constantly, yet it is clear to see the attraction they both have for the other as they finally are faced with only one option.  Be together or be apart.

Write a Blog Marie……………

I have enjoyed writing for years now, but only recently started to put my books up for sale.  It has been a real learning curve, figuring out how to sell them, and I am sure will continue to be, this Blog in many ways being the next step for me.

This kind of writing is never going to make anybody rich, nor even really well off (don’t give up that day job as they tell me), but it is not about the money, it is about the process of taking your idea and sharing it with others, seeing your characters take shape as you breath life into them with the power of words.

I like my characters to be caring and good people – or at least to have traits that make them salvageable (usually by our caring heroine).

I believe that the secret to writing good stories is in reading other great writers’ stories and appreciating what made that story connect on such an emotional level, and there are many many wonderful romance writers out there.